Plant and Equipment

Our modern, well-maintained equipment combined with our highly skilled and motivated workforce enables us to perform each task efficiently, safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.

We currently own and operate 14 Truck and Chipper Combos, 6 Elevated Work Platforms, 10 Utilities, 4 Tip Trucks, 2 Excavators, 2 Kanga loaders, 6 Stump Grinders, Chainsaws (many now battery-powered), Climbing and Rigging equipment, 2 Tree Planting & Watering trucks , Plant Health Care equipment, etc.

Regular Inspection and Maintainance

Our tools and machinery are inspected daily before leaving our depots via our operator prestart process. Any defects are tagged out of operation and reported via our maintenance software for our mechanical workshop team to prioritise and repair.

All Elevated Work Platforms (EWP)s meet electrical line clearing safety requirements and regular inspections and are carried out. Our EWPs comply with all legislation ad standards including, RMS (RTA), WorkCover, EPAAs2550.10.1994, AS1418.10.1996 and EC11, as well as complying with ISSC25. Testing is regularly carried out to meet all government and OH&S requirements, all equipment is registered in Victoria and can be viewed/inspected upon request.