Residential Tree Services

Well maintained feature trees can have lasting benefits and increase the amenity value of your property.  With a focus on expert advice and a passion for healthy trees, we provide a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs.

Our mission is to ensure the vitality, longevity, and safety of your trees, we take great pride in providing tree care solutions at affordable prices to the local community. 

Reasons for pruning include:

  • Formative and structural pruning (to improve shape and structure of young and established trees)
  • Tree reductions and reshaping to improve appearance and manage size.
  • To suppress & weight reduce (to minimise branch stem failure, often required on very mature trees)
  • Removal of defects, dead, dying and diseased branches.
  • Clearance pruning from: structures, roads, paths, overhead utilities, etc
  • Creating habitat (nesting hollows either carved directly into trees or prefabricated and secured)

If you require: tree pruning, bracing, tree and stump removal, pest and disease management, etc, we would love to help.

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Council Permit and Tree Law Information

Removing and pruning trees in Melbourne is often not as simple as just calling an Arborist.

Every council has its own local law, with different factors that will determine what you can and cannot do with trees on your property.

Permits are often required to remove trees and in some cases (and some municipalities, e.g Stonnington) permits are also required for pruning.

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Our Residental Tree Care Services

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