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At The Tree Company, we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading providers of tree services in Melbourne. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we deliver quality tree management solutions out of our three depots in Surrey Hills, Preston and Flemington.

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Specialising in large scale tree management including pruning, bracing and preservation, plant health care and tree cutting in Melbourne.

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We emphasise long-term sustainability and a commitment to preserving and maintaining our native ecosystems through ethical cutting, pruning and tree stump removal in Melbourne.


We employ a highly qualified and experienced team, offering a variety of municipal and commercial services such as tree pruning in Melbourne and much more.

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We’re committed to OHS with regular skills training, $20M public liability insurance and hazard assessments for all our tree cutting services in Melbourne.

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Trusted Melbourne Arborists

If you need a reliable, professional and experienced arborist in Melbourne, The Tree Company is here to help. Over the last two decades, we’ve been providing our clients with top tier tree services in Melbourne, operating efficiently, safely and professionally. We know how to secure your site and get the job done swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to your day and unbeatable results.

Thanks to our experienced team and world class equipment, we have the resources to offer both residential and commercial services for all your arboricultural needs. From cable bracing to stump removal in Melbourne and so much more, we’ve got you covered with our affordable rates and unbeatable results. Our services include:

  • Commercial tree services
  • Cable and dynamic bracing
  • Tree health care
  • Tree and palm transplanting
  • Tree trimming in Melbourne
  • Habitat creation

Meet our happy customers

Ruth PeaseRuth Pease
05:04 19 Feb 24
We are very happy to review The Tree Company, who we have used several times over the years. Their polite and efficient service, together with competitive pricing and great results, make them a pleasure to deal with. Happy to recommend.
Lincy AlcansareLincy Alcansare
23:49 14 Feb 24
Peter GnomePeter Gnome
23:45 12 Feb 24
The appointment was for 10.30 am and no one had arrived by 11.30am so I called the Tree Company who advised that the truck was full of mulch and needed emptying. The crew arrived at 11.45 then had lunch and then just after noon, said they could not remove the tree stump despite the job being previously physically assessed and quoted by the Boss. Another staff member arrived and after several more conversations the boss rang me and said he would not remove the stump. I then said I did not want to go ahead. The crew then left without further conversation with me . Very disappointed - the head man quotes for the job and the team say they cannot do it !
04:05 12 Feb 24
I was very impressed with the overall efficiency of this company. From the quote to the job, it was all clear, on time and no mess at all left behind. The three men who felled my tree were very personable and helpful.
01:15 05 Feb 24
Fantastic service. Great communication. Very professional service. The team arrived on time, did a great job removing the snapped tree branch and cleaned up all debris. Highly recommend this company.Please see before and after photos.
Aivars KristensAivars Kristens
22:57 21 Dec 23
renee mcdowellrenee mcdowell
03:52 08 Dec 23
Really impressed by the service and the quality of the workSean,Eli and the 2 Michaels worked hard on a difficult jobThey were very pleasant to deal with, will use this company again and I highly recommend their services
Sarah ChalmersSarah Chalmers
09:36 18 Oct 23
Mark O'ConnellMark O'Connell
07:48 18 Oct 23
Matt PlummerMatt Plummer
05:42 18 Oct 23
Nick GoldingNick Golding
05:38 13 Oct 23
The Tree Company has just finished a job at our place and I'm jumping online to give a positive review straight away. Very smooth process from quoting to completion. The guys who did the job were great. Looks like an excellent job. Very reasonable price. Place was left clean. Also, council called us because a neighbour had complained and we told them it was The Tree Company doing the job. Council's response: "no issues, they will do a great job". Highly recommended!
Caitlin HindmarshCaitlin Hindmarsh
01:14 18 Sep 23
We had the best experience with these guys! They were responsive, friendly, and professional. We had two trees taken out of our back yard and they were expertly removed and our yard was left looking perfectly clean and tidy. Would absolutely recommend this company and would use them again in future without hesitation.
Bertrand ZhuBertrand Zhu
01:48 24 Jul 23
Their truck hit my parked car and tried hard to avoid all the responsibilities. How can you trust the company like this to do the job?The funnest thing is the owner replied my review after one year saying they have lodge the insurance company. Is it that hard to stop lying?
Jarren DasJarren Das
08:36 09 Feb 21
Called The Tree Company for removal and pruning of trees and creepers along a fence line.Was really impressed by their service and attention to the work that was needed. The crew was really friendly, accommodating and got the job done efficiently.Price quoted was very reasonable for the job.

Our Story

We have a team of over 65 dedicated professionals, with a proven reputation for being one of Australia’s most respected tree service providers. As your trusted tree arborist in Melbourne, we are fully insured and committed to a high standard of occupational health and safety. For trimming, cutting or tree pruning services in Melbourne, we’ve got you covered with our unrivalled expertise and dedication to sustainable, safe and efficient tree management.

With experience working for local councils, schools and universities, commercial and government clients and much more, we have the expertise required to manage all your tree service needs. Whether you need stump grinding in Melbourne or any one of our other specialities, we have the skills, equipment and knowledge required to get the job done right and ensure a high level of workmanship every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to lop, prune, remove or destroy a tree on my property. Am I allowed to do this?

There are several regulations in Victoria that relate to vegetation on private property, such as planning overlays or local laws. You may require a permit to undertake works that involve the removal, pruning, destruction or lopping of trees, including undertaking building or works near a tree.  Contact us your local council for advice on regulations that apply to trees on your prope

When should I remove a tree?

When it comes to deciding to remove a tree in Melbourne its best to seek advice from a qualified arborist.  Structural issues, such as large dead branches or an unstable root system, could pose safety risks, warranting removal for precaution. Trees significantly damaged by storms or lightning may become hazardous, and their removal becomes a priority. Persistent signs of poor health, obstruction of views, or alignment with landscaping plans are additional reasons to consider tree removal. Before making any decisions, it’s advisable to consult with a certified arborist to assess the tree’s condition and explore alternative solutions. Additionally, be aware of and adhere to local regulations and permits governing tree removal in your area.

I have spoken to my neighbour about their tree, but they refuse to do anything about the issue. What are my options?

In some municipalities permits are not required to prune canopy trees.  If this is the case neighbour’s trees can be pruned back, but not damaged or disfigured.  That being said its always best to discuss pruning with the tree owner first

Local councils do not typically get involved in private tree disputes between neighbours. The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria provides guidance and free mediation services for tree disputes.

I believe a tree is causing damage to my property. What can I do?

Depending on the nature of the damage, you may require the advice of a structural engineer, a geotechnical engineer, and a qualified arborist to determine the cause.

If a tree is found to be causing damage, it may be appropriate to retain the tree and install a root barrier to avoid further damage. In other cases, the tree may require removal in order to repair the damage and avoid further damage.

If you are not the owner of the tree, document the damage and put your concerns in writing to the owner.

Are gum trees dangerous?

Gum trees (within the genius of Eucalyptus, Corymbia & Angophora)  are a dominant feature in Australian landscapes and comprise of 850 eucalypt species that vary in form and size. Generalisations about such a common and diverse group of trees,  are more often than not, misconceptions.   Regular maintenance, including pruning to reduce branch weight, bracing heavy overextended stems and or branches, monitoring for pest and disease infestation or poor structure, can help ensure the safety of gum trees on your property. Consulting with an arborist is advisable to assess the specific risks associated with your gum trees and determine appropriate measures to enhance their safety.  Planting suitable trees on your property is key, if size is an issue there are plenty of stunning dwarf Eucalyptus varieties available.

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Join our dynamic and expanding team specialising in tree removal in Melbourne, with a fantastic culture, career development and excellent remuneration and benefits.

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