If you’re in need of experienced Arborists in Melbourne and beyond, then look no further than The Tree Company! We have been providing high­ quality arboricultural services in and around Melbourne for the past 22 years and have become a trusted and respected name in the industry.

Equipped with industry qualified staff and state of the art equipment, we are experienced in providing a wide variety of Municipal, commercial and residential tree services; including large scale tree management, tree pruning and shaping, complete tree and stump removal, bracing and preservation, plant health care, tree planting, transplanting, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to lop, prune, remove or destroy a tree on my property. Am I allowed to do this?

There are several regulations in Victoria that relate to vegetation on private property, such as planning overlays or local laws. You may require a permit to undertake works that involve the removal, pruning, destruction or lopping of trees, including undertaking building or works near a tree.  Contact us your local council for advice on regulations that apply to trees on your property.

When should I remove a tree?

When it comes to deciding to remove a tree in Melbourne its best to seek advice from a qualified arborist.  Structural issues, such as large dead branches or an unstable root system, could pose safety risks, warranting removal for precaution. Trees significantly damaged by storms or lightning may become hazardous, and their removal becomes a priority. Persistent signs of poor health, obstruction of views, or alignment with landscaping plans are additional reasons to consider tree removal. Before making any decisions, it’s advisable to consult with a certified arborist to assess the tree’s condition and explore alternative solutions. Additionally, be aware of and adhere to local regulations and permits governing tree removal in your area.

I have spoken to my neighbour about their tree, but they refuse to do anything about the issue. What are my options?

In some municipalities permits are not required to prune canopy trees.  If this is the case neighbour’s trees can be pruned back, but not damaged or disfigured.  That being said its always best to discuss pruning with the tree owner first

Local councils do not typically get involved in private tree disputes between neighbours. The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria provides guidance and free mediation services for tree disputes.

I believe a tree is causing damage to my property. What can I do?

Depending on the nature of the damage, you may require the advice of a structural engineer, a geotechnical engineer, and a qualified arborist to determine the cause.

If a tree is found to be causing damage, it may be appropriate to retain the tree and install a root barrier to avoid further damage. In other cases, the tree may require removal in order to repair the damage and avoid further damage.

If you are not the owner of the tree, document the damage and put your concerns in writing to the owner.

Are gum trees dangerous?

Gum trees (within the genius of Eucalyptus, Corymbia & Angophora)  are a dominant feature in Australian landscapes and comprise of 850 eucalypt species that vary in form and size. Generalisations about such a common and diverse group of trees,  are more often than not, misconceptions.   Regular maintenance, including pruning to reduce branch weight, bracing heavy overextended stems and or branches, monitoring for pest and disease infestation or poor structure, can help ensure the safety of gum trees on your property. Consulting with an arborist is advisable to assess the specific risks associated with your gum trees and determine appropriate measures to enhance their safety.  Planting suitable trees on your property is key, if size is an issue there are plenty of stunning dwarf Eucalyptus varieties available.