Habitat Creation

Due to the environmental degradation of our natural ecosystems, the protection of native flora and fauna is becoming ever more important. As a result of this, creating man-made cavities (habitat hollows) in old or dead trees is now very popular with homeowners and councils as an alternative to tree removal.

Habitat hollows attract and retain native wildlife in our urban areas, with around 300 species in Australia depending on cavities for their home, shelter or seasonal nesting.  Australian animals that use habitat hollows include owls, lorikeets, lizards, bats, bees and possums. Artificial hollows have a variety of applications and can be targeted at a specific species by taking into account the animal’s habitat requirements including height above ground level, orientation, hollow dimensions and entrance hole size.

Building a place for wildlife to flourish

The Tree Company’s Arborists can reduce trees to suitable habitat size and carve artificial hollows in stems and branches as an alternative to complete tree removal.  Compared to conventional externally attached nesting boxes, carved nesting boxes provide a more natural appearance, which is less obvious to predators and have superior insulation qualities.

The Tree Company can:

  • Reduce trees to habitat size
  • Create habitat hollows for birds, mammals and reptiles
  • Relocate and safely attach natural hollows to live trees
  • Create terrestrial habitat via relocation of suitable logs / trunk sections
  • Provide consultation and advice on habitat creation