Mature Tree and Palm Transplanting

The Tree Company is experienced in successfully transplanting mature trees and palms for council, civil contractors, and level crossing removal projects.

We aim to use the latest technology and scientific methods to plan and carry out our transplants and continually strive to ensure that the health, vitality, and longevity of the transplanted tree is maintained.

Heritage-Listed Date Palms Transplanted During Level Crossing Removal

The Tree Company transplanted 3 mature Canary Island Date Palms at Moreland Station for the Northwest Program Alliance/Level crossing removal project. The 2 Heritage-listed palms on the eastern side of Moreland Station were transplanted, stored off-site and cared for during the 10 month construction of the level crossing removal/sky rail project. The palms were then transported back to the site and planted as part of the final landscape installation. The Tree Company is continuing to manage irrigation and fertilising of these palms, and is providing monthly reports on their health and condition throughout 2022.

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