Aerial Rescue Training

Safety Excellence with In-House Aerial Rescue Training

We aim to empower our teams with specialised in-house aerial rescue training tailored to the unique challenges of arboriculture. Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

  1. Enhanced Safety: Cultivates a safety-first mindset among staff, while helping reduce accidents and injuries.
  2. Customised Training Programs: In-house training allows us to tailor programs to their specific needs and the unique challenges they face in their operations. This customisation ensures that employees receive training relevant to their daily tasks and the environments they work in.
  3. Consistent Training Standards: In-house training ensures consistency in the delivery of training content and standards across all employees. This consistency helps maintain uniformity in safety practices and ensures that everyone receives the same level of training.
  4. Faster Response: Improve response times in emergencies, safeguarding our team and boosting operational efficiency.
  5. Skills Sharing and Team Bonding: Skill sharing allows team members to exchange expertise and techniques, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the company.

See our team in action

Having the skills to perform a safe and timely aerial rescue (of an injured or unconscious workmate) is so important when working from heights. Great day of learning, sharing skill and catching up with our awesome team of Arborists. Modules covered: Gear Check, SRT rescue, Base Anchor rescue, Double Rope Rescue, Pick rescue, EWP – EDD (Emergency Decent Device) evacuation, Ground control rescue.

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