Mature Tree Transplant

The Tree Company successfully transplanted this mature Golden Ash to accommodate a residential development in Balwyn. 


The tree’s root ball was hydro-excavated 12 months before the transplant to enable The Tree Company to carefully cut selected roots with sterilised handsaws.  The tree was pruned, fertilised and carefully monitored until the transplanting date. After careful excavation of the root ball, a 6.5 metre hole was dug on the western side of the tree to accommodate horizontal core drilling and insertion of structural steel beams.  Once the beams were in pace the frame was welded together by Stephen Eudey (The Tree Company’s mechanic and fabricator).  Excavation works and construction of the base plate were completed within 4 days. On day five the tree was moved, with the help of Associated Cranes and their 80-ton crane.  The tree was moved 20 metres from the rear of the property to the front in three separate lifting operations and successfully replanted.  The tree and root ball weighed 29 tons.