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Tree Felling and Removal

The Tree Company has many years of experience in the felling and removal of trees in Melbourne that are in decline, dead, dangerous, untreatable, unwanted or those that have simply reached the end of their useful life.

We remove trees in a range of situations, from large-scale block clearing through to technical take-downs in locations with limited access, such as many suburban gardens. We have the qualifications, expertise and equipment to complete any size tree and stump removal, safely and economically, ensuring extra care is taken around gardens.

Your garden is left clean and tidy, mulch can be left on site if requested.

tree removal whitehorse

Stump Grinding

We have the expertise and equipment to complete any size tree or tree stump removal quickly, safely and economically, ensuring extra care is taken around gardens.

Depending on the location and stump size we can use one of our three different size machines to successfully grind out any stump. As featured in the photograph below in 2014 we purchased a Rayco RG45 Remote Control Stump Grinder.  This machine is extremely safe to operate and well suited to efficiently removing larger stumps.

Your garden is left clean and tidy, and free mulch is provided upon request after our tree stump removal team are finished.

stump grinding melbourne

Safety Bracing and Cabling

In instances of unbalanced tree growth or structural defect, The Tree Company employs the techniques of steel cable/threaded rod and dynamic bracing. These tree support systems are used to provide supplemental support to leaders and individual branches that pose a high risk of failure.

Steel cables are typically installed across a weak or included crotch to restrict the distance that branches can move in relation to each other. Similarly, braces are used to reduce the risk of two or more leaders spreading farther apart or moving sideways in relation to each other.  Steel cables and rod braces are used when constant mechanical support is required.  Many trees with structural defects can be retained with these techniques.  

Dynamic Bracing is a good option when constant mechanical support is not required.  This kind of dynamic bracing provides support between two or more stems, the brace is installed generally 2/3rds the height of the stem above the crotch.  This kind of brace provides support to branches and stems in extreme weather, reducing the likelihood of failure.  It is also used for peace of mind when large stems or branches overhang high use areas.  It is both inexpensive and easy to install.  Dynamic braces should be inspected every 2 years by a qualified Arborist and replaced when they pull tight or every 5 years. 

tree cabling

Storm/Fire Damage and Emergency Tree Services

Severe storms and other unexpected events call for rapid response, priority tree care. In these instances, a call to The Tree Company will ensure the fastest possible assessment and, where necessary, emergency tree removal of items such as dangerous or storm damaged trees and/or limbs to eliminate potential risk to people and property.

emergency tree removal

The Tree Company has extensive experience in storm damage rectification work for Melbourne city councils, schools and parks, as well as residential clients, and has a well developed methodology enabling a rapid response to emergency situations.

If you have a tree problem that needs urgent help contact us for our emergency tree removal service today.

Professional Reports and Consultations

Managing trees in the urban environment is a complex task. The Tree Company is active in helping householders to interpret council guidelines and regulations concerning tree management. This often includes advice on permit applications for clients planning renovations or extensions to their property. The Tree Company has good working relationships with a number of local councils and has participated in the development of standardised guidelines for reporting, tree preservation and treatment in two eastern Melbourne municipalities.

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Our professionally trained and experienced consultants regularly provide tailored Arboricultural Reports to assist residential clients (for example, as part of an application to council for tree removal), local councils, schools, architects and developers, for purposes as diverse as planning and construction, valuation, risk-assessment, property damage and insurance issues. In addition to providing detailed assessments of individual trees, reports include, where appropriate, specific information on how to protect and preserve trees during construction projects.

Tree Transplanting

Golden Ash Transplant at Talbot Avenue, Balwyn 
The Tree Company successfully transplanted this mature Golden Ash in 2014 to accommodate a residential development. 

tree company

The tree’s root ball was hydro-excavated 12 months before the transplant to enable The Tree Company to carefully cut selected roots with sterilised handsaws.  The tree was pruned, fertilised and carefully monitored until the transplanting date. After careful excavation of the root ball, a 6.5 metre hole was dug on the western side of the tree to accommodate horizontal core drilling and insertion of structural steel beams.  Once the beams were in pace the frame was welded together by Stephen Eudey (The Tree Company’s mechanic and fabricator). 

Excavation works and construction of the base plate were completed within 4 days. On day five the tree was moved, with the help of Associated Cranes and their 80-ton crane.  The tree was moved 20 metres from the rear of the property to the front in three separate lifting operations and successfully replanted.  The tree and root ball weighed 29 tons.  

tree pruning melbourne

Tree Pruning, Maintenance and Preservation

The Tree Company offers complete tree care management services. If you are concerned that an established tree might be unsafe, diseased, or in any way not in optimum condition, we will provide a free assessment and advise you on any tree pruning or other maintenance works that would restore your tree to full health and safety. As with all our work, we take a holistic approach to the situation, assessing the total environment, not just the individual trees to be treated. We use state-of-the-art arboricultural practice to encourage and support the natural processes that promote healthy growth and ensure the long-term survival of your trees.

We offer free annual tree inspections to all our regular clients and offer advice on tree health and if necessary tree pruning advice.

Pruning a tree for safety is an important task and includes: weight-reducing heavy over-extended lateral branches, removal of deadwood, branch stubs, cracked or crossing branches, canopy reductions and dynamic and static bracing. (see Safety bracing and cabling. link) 

The image below shows our arborists pruning a Golden Elm in a Camberwell home, to reduce the weight of it, over a glass roof. 

Tree Pruning, Maintenance and Preservation, Melbourne

Pruning for reasons such as garden aesthetics, sunlight enhancement or property boundary issues requires finesse and a good eye. Our arborists aim to achieve a balance between maintaining a tree's form and beauty and ensuring it does not impact negatively on any other elements in its immediate environment. Such tree pruning work involves canopy reductions, reshaping, formative thinning, up-lifting of low branches and target pruning branch stubs.

Used in conjunction with tree pruning, static bracing can be used to firm up susceptible branches or stem unions and prevent them failing. Below is an example of where we pruned and braced a Lemon Scented Gum in Kew, Melbourne. 

Static Bracing, Surrey Hills

Tree Pest and Tree Disease Control

Melbourne's trees are prey to a number of well known pests and diseases, such as Elm Leaf Beetle and Aphids, Leaf Lurp and Oak Leaf Miner, which if left untreated can lead to stress and decline. We offer a tree pest control or disease control service to help deal with such problems.

The Tree Company can identify pests and diseases affecting your trees and provide appropriate treatment. We keep up-to-date with tree and soil healthcare treatments to ensure we use the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly products available.

Possums are a protected native species in Australia. Nevertheless, you may have some precious trees that you would prefer possums not to make their homes in.  The Tree Company can supply and install a product known as Banned; a low-cost, aesthetically pleasing clear polycarbonate guard system to protect and preserve your trees.  See for additional information.

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Contact us for more information on our tree pest control service in Melbourne today.

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